Set ProsPretty 5 in 1 Set Make-Up


The 5-in-1 Makeup set will including:

Royal Propolis Foundation (1 unit), Loose Powder (1 unit), Matte Lipstick (1 unit), Skin Booster (1 unit), Peony Brightening Moisture Face Cream ( Free Gift).

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Alha Alfa ProsPRETTY Make Up Set

The 5-in-1 Makeup set will including :

  • Royal Propolis Foundation (1 unit)
  • Loose Powder (1 unit)
  • Matte Lipstick (1 unit)
  • Skin Booster (1 unit)
  • Moisturizer (1 unit)



Weight .500 kg
Royal Propolis Foundation

Salvia, Edel, Fervi, Auri, Morri

Loose Powder

Brown (Matte), Translucent (Matte), Soft Pink (Mate), Brown (Glow), Translucent (Glow), Soft Pink (Glow)

Matte Lipstick

Vendela, Peony, Miranda, Lily, Iris, Daisy, Daff, Cosmo, Buttercup, Sweet Pea, Darcey, Cattleya


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